About John Pozza, Attorney At Law, PLC

The law firm of John Pozza, Attorney at Law, PLC, was established to address the issues of anyone who faces trial and harsh punishments after a criminal arrest.

John's strengths cover the gamut of criminal concerns, from pre-file investigation, arrests, verdicts and plea withdrawals, and school expulsions, for charges that include:

  • DUI defense, including DMV hearings
  • White collar, financial and computer crimes
  • "Three strikes" crimes
  • Expungements and record sealings
  • Drug crimes
  • Violent crimes, including domestic violence

Almost 25 Years Of Experience In California's State And Federal Courts

John is especially invested in the futures of our young people. Juvenile delinquency matters are hallmarks of his practice. Whether the offense in question is a misdemeanor or felony, or a disciplinary problem that leads to a school expulsion, he believes in the power of redemption — and works hard toward outcomes that offer our youth second chances to succeed.

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A lot can be accomplished during an initial consultation at any of our Southern California law offices. You can tell John your side of the story, and he can respond with a course of action tailored to your specific circumstance. Find us in Murrieta by phone or email message to arrange a confidential discussion of your important legal issues.