Defending You Against Serious Drug Crime Charges

Nothing good can come of a drug crime charge, whether it's your first or your fifth. A felony or misdemeanor drug offense arrest for possession, trafficking or drug paraphernalia can lead to a number of severe punishments. Afterward, strict probation conditions and loss of reputation can follow you for the rest of your life.

If your drug arrest occurred in Banning, San Diego or anywhere in Southern California, the one skilled criminal defense attorney you should be speaking to right now is John Pozza.

At the law firm of John Pozza, Attorney at Law, PLC, Mr. Pozza has successfully protected the rights of thousands of adults and juveniles who faced serious drug crime charges. He carefully inspects every aspect of your case in the event that your Fourth Amendment rights were not violated. If a criminal conviction occurs, he pushes for a number of forms of alternative sentencing such as community service, house arrest and diversionary programs.

Through his many court appearances on behalf of clients just like you, Mr. Pozza has developed advantages in relationships with judges, commissioners and district attorneys throughout the region. His talents at negotiations with prosecutors and arguments before juries are well-known. Every legal service he delivers is designed to restore your freedoms.

The Drug Crime Defense Lawyer You Want On Your Side In Murrieta And Riverside County, California

Were your activities connected to controlled substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, illegally obtained prescription drugs or "party drugs"?

Are you the parent of a minor child who has been arrested for a drug offense?

Do you suspect that law enforcement planted drugs in your home or motor vehicle, coerced your confession, and/or entered your residence without a warrant?

The dimensions of even the simplest drug case can be many — and John Pozza can handle all of them, to your potential benefit. Don't delay calling or emailing us to set up your initial consultation. Reach us by phone right now at 951-387-6980.