Experience You Need, Results You Want After A Criminal Arrest

For Violent Crime And Domestic Violence Defendants

Was your arrest for assault the result of mistaken identity or simple self-defense on your part? Did a complaint of domestic violence against you stem from a "he said, she said" misunderstanding? You need effective advocacy in your corner — and you need it today.

For Families Struggling With Juvenile Delinquency

John Pozza is a compassionate lawyer who believes in second chances for our youth after a brush with the law. When a minor child has been arrested for a juvenile offense such as underage drinking, retail theft or disturbing the peace, John's sound support and caring guidance can be welcome sources of strength for your family.

For A Consultation With John Pozza

We urge you not to speak to law enforcement about your charges until you have talked to John Pozza. This critical first meeting can take place in Murrieta, Banning, or San Diego — but it should happen as soon as possible. Prosecutors may be building a case against you at this very moment. Phone us or email us right now.