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Juvenile Defense Attorney Riverside County

Has Your Child Been Accused of a Crime in California?

Has your minor child been arrested for underage drinking, DUI, a property crime, disturbing the peace, a drug crime, or a sex crime? Is your youngster in danger of being expelled from school? Or worse, was the offense serious enough that he or she may be tried as an adult in California? John Pozza is a compassionate juvenile defense lawyer who will work hard to obtain a second chance for your teenager.

Make sure your teen is represented by an attorney who cares about our youth and who understands the juvenile justice system. Contact us at (951) 749-5598.

Whether the offense is a juvenile felony or misdemeanor, a violent crime, or vandalism, we use our extensive years of experience and solid reputation to put your son or daughter in the best legal position possible, with or without a trial. In the event of a conviction, we press for lesser, alternative punishments that send a message and leave room for the possibility of redemption.

California’s Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system is different from the court system that handles adults. Juveniles who are accused of a misdemeanor or felony have their cases adjudicated by a judge who decides whether they are guilty or innocent and who determines the proper course of action to follow. There are no juries — only defenders and prosecutors in juvenile court. California’s juvenile justice system ostensibly adheres to the rehabilitation of the juvenile offender rather than punishment for retribution. Nevertheless, juveniles are made to take responsibility for their actions in various ways and degrees.

A juvenile found guilty of a crime may receive the following sanctions:

  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Restitution
  • Fines
  • Commitment to juvenile hall
  • Commitment to a California Youth Authority facility

Can Juveniles Be Tried as Adults in California?

In late April of 2019, appellate court in California ruled that a juvenile under the age of 16 cannot be tried as an adult or face adult life sentences. This was passed under Senate Bill 1391. Occasionally juveniles are tried as adults in California.

Juvenile crimes can be transferred to adult criminal court when a judge waives the minor’s protections that is provided in juvenile court. In California, a juvenile aged 16 and older who commits violent crimes may be tried in an adult court if a judge determines that it is necessary.

Juvenile crimes that may bring this about include such offenses as:

Parents are allowed to attend all court hearings that involve their son or daughter accused of a crime. However, to fully protect your child, it is recommended that you engage the services of a defense lawyer who is experienced with the juvenile system, judges, prosecutors, and case law.

Need legal counsel council regarding your teen’s criminal charges? Bring your case to John Pozza Attorney at Law, PLC. Contact us at(951) 749-5598 or fill out our online contact form.

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