DUI Defense That Protects Your Rights And Driving Privileges

Whether your arrest for drunk driving in California is your first or your third, your mind is probably racing with questions you need answered right away such as:

  • "Will I go to jail?"
  • "Will I lose my driver's license?"
  • "Will I be financially responsible for heavy fines, court costs and attorney fees?"
  • "How can I put this legal crisis behind me as soon as possible?"

Your first and most important step toward peace of mind is the decision to retain the most experienced, proven effective DUI defense you can find. In Murrieta, Banning, San Diego and throughout the region, the answer to all of your questions is: John Pozza, Attorney at Law, PLC.

John Pozza has amassed an impressive record of reductions and dismissals of DUI charges for clients during his almost 25 years of impressive criminal defense practice. As your lawyer, he knows what police procedures to discredit, which evidence can be ruled as inadmissible, and the many factors that can cause police to mistake erratic or distracted driving for drunk driving.

Experience You Need And Results You Want When A DUI Stop Complicates Your Life

Our law firm advocates for restoration of suspended and revoked driver's licenses, in cases involving DUI combined with a speeding violation or juvenile underage drinking, prescription or illegal controlled substance drug use, and alcohol-related traffic accidents that cause serious injuries and fatalities.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your DUI charges, John Pozza's focus is squarely on you and your rights. He protects those rights through case preparation that is thorough, negotiations that can sway prosecutors, and arguments in court that resonate with judges. But he must hear from you right away. You have only 10 days to report for an administrative hearing that will decide your foreseeable future.

Our full-service, quality defense representation begins with your initial consultation. Reach out to John Pozza, Attorney at Law, PLC, law office today by phone or email. Call 951-387-6980.