Full-Service Juvenile Delinquency Representation

Has your minor child been arrested for underage drinking, DUI, a property crime, disturbing the peace, a drug crime or sex crime in Southern California?

Is your youngster in danger of being expelled from school? Or worse, was the offense serious enough that he or she may be tried as an adult?

In Riverside County and surrounding areas, the compassionate criminal defense lawyer who works hard to obtain a second chance for your teenager is John Pozza, founder of the John Pozza, Attorney at Law, PLC, law firm in Murrieta.

Whether the offense is a felony or misdemeanor, a violent crime or vandalism, John Pozza uses his almost 25 years of experience and solid reputation to put your son or daughter in the best legal position possible, with or without a trial. In the event of a conviction, he presses for lesser, alternative punishments that send a message and yet leave room for the possibility of redemption.

The Experience You Need, The Results You Want Are A Phone Call Away

The criminal arrest of a young person can threaten rights and divide families. We urge you to get in touch with us right away, so you can speak with skilled juvenile defense attorney John Pozza. Your initial consultation can be scheduled right now at 951-387-6980 or by email message.